Work, work, work!

So today was my first day back at work. It was fun, but a little hectic. I was very happy to be back at work, as crazy as that sounds. I’ve been off of work for months now, and being at home all the time can get depressing, and rather boring. I like having something to do that makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something or helped someone in some way. That’s sort of ironic considering I work at a doctor’s office.

The first patient was difficult. I’m already slightly rusty from being away for months, although thankfully I didn’t forget anything, but I was also helping train our newest tech. He’s the nicest guy, it was my first time meeting him and I think it’ll be fun to work with him. He’s easy going and easy to talk to. He only just started doing learning how to do the tests, so having two difficult patients in a row was rough. He did great though.

Just as I’m coming back to work, a coworker is leaving for a week next week, leaving us short-handed. I’ll be helping to pick up the slack, so I’ll be learning everything I can to help with what she normally does as fast as I can until then. Wish me luck!

Now that I can get on a regular schedule at work, I can write on my book in the evenings after taking care of daily needs such as laundry and feeding the horses. I’m so excited to finish my book as soon as possible. Things are on the right track! Now to just stop craving pizza, because I can’t eat it yet…

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