New beginning, Spring

Has anyone other than me thought of spring as a possible new beginning, or a new start? Most people would of course say that the answer should be New Year’s, hence New Year’s resolutions. I, on the other hand, like spring.

Spring cleaning makes you feel fresh again. It’s good to keep things clean in order to keep a calm mind. Disorderliness can stress you out, more than you know. I tend to let clutter build up, so spring is definitely good for people like myself.

Spring is also great for getting your fitness back up to par, for those of us who slacked off over winter and gained a few fluffy pounds. Nothing makes you feel better than getting your swimsuit body back!

Most of all, the aspect that I love most about spring is the scenery. Being immersed in the surrounding greenery and blue sky, enveloped in the fresh scent of new growth, and hearing the symphony of singing birds in the morning and frogs in the evening.

The only downfall is that pollen kills me (I have allergies) so I sneeze constantly, but it’s completely worth it.

Every season has its own pros and cons, and those are different for every person, but I think spring is beautiful. In my eyes, the new growth is a symbol of how I myself can grow and become a better me.

Work in progress ~ Book ~ Writing ~ Stories ~ Books

Today I was brainstorming on the fiction/supernatural/romance book that I’m writing, and I FINALLY made some great headway!

The main character has trauma and memory loss, but I couldn’t think of any reasons for it. What was the traumatic event that caused her to lose her memory? I finally thought of an answer.

Also, I couldn’t think of how the bad guy fit into the story. I had no clue what the reason was for him to be targeting her, I just knew that there was a deep meaning behind it. I finally figured out his role and his connection to the main character.

I also figured out a little bit more of the relationship with her childhood friend/best friend. He’s a very important character but I needed to focus on their childhood a bit more, how they met and became close. That’s something I’ll need to think more on.

I started this story not knowing where to go with it (that’s what usually happens actually) but I had a decent outline. It’s just hard figuring everything out in the story. People who’ve never written probably wouldn’t think about it, but there are so many different aspects to writing and I’m a complete beginner.

Let’s see, there’s the plot of course. You have to make sure the entire time you write that everything is going in the direction you want it to, so conversations in the story can be tricky. There are the in between parts with no talking where you have to describe places you either imagine or real world places that you’ve never been and have to research. There is a lot of research involved in writing. You have to describe the characters thoughts throughout the story.

The interactions between characters is hard. What I struggle the most with is the characters themselves. Their personalities, how they think, how they react. You really have to understand people to create multiple different characters with different personalities. You have to think about things like, what makes this person laugh, what makes this person tick, why is this person the way they are, what happened to them in their life to make them the person they are, how do they think, how do they feel? I struggle with that. I’m not very good at reading people or understanding them, much less how they think. Especially guys. Guys are a complete mystery to me, so they’re hard to write.

I’ve been working on this book off and on for 3 years, but I’ve never taken it very seriously. I just thought, well since I’m still so young, where is it going to go even if I do finish it? I started this book at 17 years old. Now that I’m a little older and slightly more mature, I realize that I really want to finish this book and make a career out of writing if I can.

I’m currently working on 3 different books, but I decided to focus mainly on this book. I’m trying to figure out a good strategy to get this book finished in a decent amount of time. Until I find a good solution I’ll be writing as often as I can and have the foal of writing at least 3-5 times a week.

I’m now realizing that you’re never too young to accomplish your dreams. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything. Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back, and just do what you love!

Wow Moments ~ Ungraceful ~ Klutz

Does anyone else do the most ungracful things at the worst times possible? Or just, you know…on a daily basis…? Just me? I sure hope not.

Example and exhibit A~ literally 10 minutes ago, I sneezed so hard that I slipped and fell on my butt. Yeah stuff like that happens in real life, to me, 24/7. I mean,  granted that I was on hardwood floor and in socks, but still…this stuff doesn’t happen to ANYONE else around me! It’s unfair, but at the same time I believe that it gives me an irresistiblely cute charm. I mean… How else can I look at it? Positive thinking is the key! Otherwise my constant clumsiness would just be flat out depressing. So yes, I’ll just say that it makes me seem cute…

(…Just let me believe it.)

My boyfriend hardly ever has a clumsy moment, so trust me when I say I love it when he does, but I am so jealous. He’s so smooth and can act cool on cue, and it’s NOT FAIR.

So, we like a large variety of music. He’s tried to get me to rap before…that did not go well.  It doesn’t come out semi-cool or even sounding like rap at all. I’m lucky if I can even get 10 words right.  I try to act cool sometimes to match my boyfriend, and every single time it turns into a disaster in one form or another. Usually someone (typical him for some reason-poor guy) ends up getting hurt somehow.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally jabbed him in the eyes with my nails or fingers, accidentally kicked him, accidentally hit him in the junk with one of my body parts, etc. -I don’t even know how I do these things so often and on such a regular basis… I don’t know how it’s possible to do these things so frequently, honestly. It shouldn’t be possible. I also step on him quiet often, but thankfully I’m fairly petite and small so that doesn’t hurt too bad. He has tough feet. Thankfully!

I swear I’m accident prone; to myself and I make the people around me accident prone, too. My boyfriend gets the brunt of it though, unfortunately for him..

I even try to be careful, and I still end up doing something clumsy. I either trip, drop something(my phone hits the floor at least once a day), drop food on myself somehow even when I’m careful, spill a drink, bump into something or someone-every time we go anywhere he has to keep a hawk eye on me and at a moments notice reach out and steer me away from running into someone or something, or I just say something ridiculously awkward. That’s the worst for me, speaking out loud…especially around people I’m uncomfortable around like his parents. Yikes. I really should just stay quiet. I get nervous of saying something stupid, so that guarantees me saying something stupid.

I’m amazed my boyfriend has put up with the accidental abuse and management of me, he must really love me. It’s not like it happens daily, I mean I only see him once a week, but still… It’s unusual and unnatural how clumsy I am.

Well hopefully I’m not the only one out there who’s a klutz. But since I have no followers, no one will even read this, so who’s going to judge me? I can’t be the only one though! To all of my fellow clumsy cute girls out there, don’t change. We’re great just the way we are. 😊 It’s our charm.

Life’s Decisions

We make decisions more often than we think that affect the rest of our lifes. Whether it’s how we look back on ourselves in the future, the people that are in our lives or are not in our lives, or the paths that we take.

It can vary so much as to changing the color of your hair, getting a piercing or permanent tattoo, to cutting ties with a family member or deciding to have a baby. Maybe it’s a decision to take a job offer where you have to move away from everything you’ve known your whole life. Giving something important up because you know you can’t afford it anymore. Struggles that everyday people deal with.

No matter what decision it may be, or how significant or insignificant, it all matters. This realization can be a very heavy one and is sometimes hard to deal with. All of the decisions in life can weigh you down if you think about them too much or all at once.

That’s something that I’ve been struggling with myself. Do I do this? Do I not do that? Which path do I take and which do I chose? Life is very stressful and can be hard if you let it. What’s important is to take a step back, take a deep breath, and relax. Things will work out. Take one thing on at a time and you’ll be golden. Don’t try to take the world on all at once, no one can do that!

Girls’ Incomprehensible Minds ~ Staying Positive ~ Life Problems

Sometimes when girls don’t feel good, they like to look good instead. A guy wouldn’t understand. (At least I do occasionally) Every now and then when I feel like crap (I have headaches) I’ll dress up for no reason and it makes me feel a little better. Although I do this rarely. Maybe I’m the only one, but I don’t think so. 🤷🏼‍♀️ (Hope not) Surely there is someone else out there who has done the same thing when they felt bad. 😂

Girls just like to feel pretty sometimes, no reason for it. I even took stupid selfies where I look very self absorbed. I’m not I promise! I was just pretending to make model type faces (or my idea of them) for fun. No one will ever understand a girls mind, we don’t even understand it ourself most of the time.

It might be really stupid, but I’ve kind of been having a hard time lately, feeling bad pretty much every day for a few months. I’ve had headaches since I was 12 and had 5 surgeries for them. Unfortunately I still have them, although not as bad, but my headaches have been bad lately. It’s very frustrating and discouraging, so what’s the harm in feeling good about myself for once? It’s a nice change to wear a dress and put on make up from pajamas and looking like a bum all the time. I may seem like I’m trying to get attention, but I’m really just venting.

Everyone has problems, they’re all just different. Mine happen to be headaches. I hope someone out there can relate. Feeling good about youself for one day after months of feeling bad is a nice thing in my opinion.

God and my family have pulled me through a lot, so I can’t give up now! I try to stay positive and not get discouraged, and I think we all should, no matter what our problems may be. A positive attitude will change your life, I’m certain of that. Keep your head held high, and be happy with yourself, no matter what flaws you may have. No one is perfect. 🙂

Grandparent’s Day ~ Sports ~ Water Sports ~ Football ~ Staying Active

Happy Grandparent’s Day! Today I went to the lake with my brother, sister in law, and my Granda. Unfortunately my Grandma was sick so she had to stay home.

It was only my second time going to the lake this summer–which is pretty much over already–and the water is already pretty chilly. It’s been in the upper 50’s at night. (Very rare for this early in the year) Thankfully it was in the 80’s (F) today. It’s been very strange for my state this year. It didn’t get into the 100’s once, which it usually does at least a couple of times, and the trees are still green in September! They are usually already pretty brown. Is been unusually cool and we’ve had an unusual amount of rain this summer. It’s been great. It hasn’t been so much of a dust-bowl.

My family is very into sports and staying active. More so a few years ago, though. Today we water skied. I’ve been skiing since I was little, both water and snow. I have to say I think I like snow skiing better. Unfortunately I haven’t been in years, since I live in the south, but I hope to go in the next few years. Colorado is my favorite place to go.

There are typically two types of people. People who like to play sports; and people who like to watch others play them. (There are some people who like both) I would rather play it myself. The other day I threw a football around with my family. It was very fun, I haven’t done it in a long time. I would much rather throw a football myself than watch a football game.

What’s your favorite sport? (To watch or play) I have way too many. Tennis is one of them. I haven’t been to play in a while though. I need to get back into being active again. It’s healthier. I love anything that involves activity or a ball. If it can be made into a game, I think it’s fun. I envy kids, who get to do these types of things all the time. As we get older, we just gradually stop playing games. I hope I always enjoy it and never stop playing when I get the chance. It’s fun to play a game of baseball for example. Kids aren’t the only ones alowed to have fun!

I have to commend my grandparents. They water skied into their 80’s. They’ve finally pretty much quit, which is probably safer. I was starting to worry about them crashing and hurting themselves. Heck, at any age you can hurt yourself. It’s just more likely when you’re older. I look up to them and respect them quite a bit for keeping with it for so long, though. For staying so active so long. Not many people are active even when their young, and even if they are, as they get older, life tends to get in the way. That happened to me. But since I’m an adult now I better become more active or I’ll get fat. 😂 I’m starting to be able to tell that my teenage metabolism is going away. Besides, I like food way too much not to exercise…

It’s hard to get back into shape, but I hope to soon. Baby steps! I have to be a little careful due to some medical stuff, so it can be very frustrating. I’m sure some people out there understand. Don’t ever give up! Even if it’s baby exercises at first, or even if that’s all you can ever physically do, that’s much better than nothing. Exercising makes you feel better, too. Mentally and physically. I can’t wait to get back into shape!

If you still have Grandparent’s, let today be a reminder to go see them more often. They won’t be around forever. On the contrary, your kids won’t be young forever. Your kids love to see their grandparents, too! Don’t forget them! Today is a good time to remember to be grateful and appreciate our Grandparent’s, and our parents for being our kids Grandparent’s. I don’t have kids (Thank goodness, I’m way too young for that) but I know it’s hard just from looking with my eyes! Keeping the kids for you for a night or two is probably pretty great, huh? A slight repreieve from all of the responsibilities and stress of having kids. Kids are wonderful and one of the greatest joys in life, but they can be exhausting. Make sure to thank your parents for keeping them for a bit!

Life always tends to get in the way, whether it’s exercising or seeing your family. Make sure to make time for the things that are important, and don’t let being busy make you forget what’s really important. Life flies by, so do it today and not tomorrow.

Art- Art Galleries- Painting- Paper Mache- Touring- Local Attractions

Today I visited multiple small art galleries downtown. I played tourist in my own town. It was fun!


This piece above is a paper mache piece. It was one of my favorites.
This was the first painting (in the first store I went into) that I really liked. It’s another one of my favorites. It’s so vibrant, it brings out many strong emotions just from looking at it. I could stare at this forever.


These two were very unique, I liked how colorful and creative they were. Very interesting pieces.


I’m not typically one for planet-type themes but I admired how well these were done. The pictures I took don’t do any of the paintings justice, since I used my phone, but I thought I’d share them anyway.
The detail in this duck paining was amazing. I was very impressed. You can’t tell from these photos, but it was very nice.
It may not be a paining, but this is still art. I really liked these.

IMG_7966You can never go wrong with a sunflower. I love the contrasts in the pictures above and below. IMG_7967IMG_7968I love farm animals (I own horses) but the cow paintings were very interesting. They were very colorful and expressive.IMG_7970IMG_7971IMG_7972

Above are the other 4 oil paintings I mentioned earlier. They are all painted by the same man. Apparently every now and then he paints for a crowd. I would love to see that. All in all, today I had a great day. I even tried Japanese soda called Ramune. It has a marvel in the cap that you pop down into the drink. Very refreshing. Also, ice cream in a cone while walking down the street in the downtown area is a blast. 

Food Creations- Recipes- Healthy Food- Fun

I really may look gross, but it wasn’t! Just read and you’ll find out what it is. You’ll  ever guess right. 😈 (Maybe)IMG_7951Yesterday I came up with my very first food creation! On my way home from work yesterday, a thought popped into my head, and I would’ve obsessed over it if I hadn’t at least tried it out. When I crave something or want to try something, usually it’ll drive me nuts unless I get it out of the way.

The thing that popped into my head? Something I’ve never even tried before or seen in stores. (Because I’ve never looked for it)

~~~~Zucchini Noodles~~~~

Never had it before. I just all of the sudden became entranced with the idea of cooking with it, on my way home from work. Don’t ask how my brain works… I don’t even know myself.

So, I stopped by Harps–LOVE that store–hoping they would have zoodles. (Zucchini noodles are zoodles, just to clarify😜) Indeed they did have them, luckily. I was very happy; obviously, I had been intensely focused on them and determined to cook with them. I don’t know why I had to do this on the day the thought came to me, but I did. I haven’t cooked anything for the family in about a year, too. Easy meals for myself like very unhealthy but delicious Pastaroni or Cream of Wheat for breakfast is a different story. I do that all the time. (I don’t eat healthy but I need to change that) I’m not a teenager anymore and it’ll  start to catch up with me if I’m not careful.

Anyway, I was sitting there in the store thinking of what I could make with the zoodles. I already had the idea to cook them in a skillet. I wanted it to be very simple and easy since it might be a total disaster. I decided on cucumbers, squash, and chicken. I already had chicken at home so I bought one giant squash and one giant cucumber. I picked the huge ones just for fun. Or, as my brother would say, “Just for kicks.” 😆

I called my parents and told them to be prepared because I was making a healthy dinner, and I told my dad he had to eat at home in my no arguments voice. He sometimes eats at work since he stays so late. They agreed of course, who could defy such an angel? Just kidding, I’m not even close to an angel. More like a devil if anyone knew what was really going on in my head 24/7.

I first chopped my cucumber and squash into chunks, using only half of the enourmas vegetables… Oops. But it will not be a waste! I will find a way to use them in another dish. Don’t forget that I’ve never cooked very much though, so we’ll see. I’m trying to be creative so I bet I’ll think of something. 🤓

I started the chicken in one skillet and cooked it for a few minutes, then put it in a bowl out of the way for the time being. I lined one pan with olive oil and after draining the juice out of the zoodles package, I put them in the skillet and started cooking! Next, I realized I would need another skillet. I’ve never used two at once, but there’s a first time for everything!

I got out another skillet and (Of course, this one received olive oil, too) put the chunks of veggies in. I switched back and forth for a while… I decided to cook on number 2 (On a gas stove) which is pretty low, but since I wasn’t following any recipes whatsoever and I’ve never cooked anything like this before, I figured it was a good guess. It took a while before they looked ready.

While they were cooking, I added a good amount of pepper, lawries, and garlic powder to both skillets until I was satisfied with how they tasted and smelled. I kept smelling them while I added more (I was paranoid of over seasoning on accident) and when I could finally smell the seasoning I started taste testing. Don’t ask about my methods… I was just having fun. 😂 Like I said, no recipes… not even any measuring tools. I just kept adding by hand. 😂

I then added the chicken chunks and cooked squash & cucumber chunks in with the zucchini noodles, cooking it all together for a while longer. Everyone that kept walking through the house as they went in and out kept commenting on how good it smelled. I was getting very exited to try the end creation. Like a mad scientist. Muahaha. (Not really)

After taking it off the stove, I sprinkled it with mozzarella cheese and put a lid on it while I waiting for everyone to come eat with me.

All in all, everyone loved it! I was ecstatic!! My first time cooking anything without a recipe, it being my creation, and then it actually tasting good… I couldn’t have been happier when they said they wanted me to make it again. Although, next time I think I’ll add spinach and almonds. I’m going to need a bigger skillet.. I made a mess cooking. The skillet wasn’t big enough. Live and learn, right? My brother said to add olives, but I don’t know how the tastes will combine. I’ll just let him add them to his own bowl after it’s done. 😆

I can’t wait to cook some more! I hope I can think of wacky, random creations again in the near future. That was a blast. Of course, cooking by recipes is also very fun. (Even though I rarely do it as of now) That should be changing soon though. To be a good wife someday I’ll have to know how to cook well! 😉 Training starts now.

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